Hamat on Councils election, says 3 year agreement not ‘workable’

Ahead of Gambia`s 2018 Local Government Election, the National Reconciliation Party (NRP) has convened a press briefing at its headquarters on Kairaba Avenue about the party`s preparedness for the polls.

Party leader Amat Bah who is also a serving minister in the ruling Coalition government said the briefing was meant to share their thoughts and plans for the upcoming Local Government Elections.

He said the year 2017 has been a tight year and that they tried to per take in the parliamentary elections, which according to him was not an easy task, but were able to maintain the position of the Minority Leader in the National Assembly and had few extra seats.

According to Bah, his party will avoid such difficulties, which include “getting the right candidates and making them win elections.”

“We intend to work out our programs so that we participate effectively in the local government elections.

“We have to strategize as a party with all the parties, especially UDP, to ensure that the coalition government captures chairmanship in all these councils.”

Parties in the Gambia are expected to contest for eight councils seats across the country. However, for Bah, his party will up candidates in six administrative areas including Basse, Janjangbureh, Kuntaur, Mansa konko, Brikama and Kerewan Area Councils.

He said that his party is committed to support the Barrow led government, adding that is the best solution for the country for the next five years, to ensure that they carry out the necessary reforms.

He emphasized his party’s’ readiness to support and contest as much as possible in the forthcoming local government elections, in so doing, his party will be gender balance and advocate for 35 percent if possible to be contested by female candidates as stated in his party’s resolution.

“We still have huddles that women face in this country when it comes to contest in elections and this thing needs to be addressed.

“All of us need to be part of the process, especially the media in sensitizing the people on the need for women to contest.”

On the issue of the three year term as agreed by the coalition stakeholders, Mr. Bah said that they agreed on three years. He added that the agreement “was not signed”, which he says “is not workable and possible.”

According to Bah “the government has lots of thing to do which cannot be completed in three years.”

“I support the five years, because the three years is not workable, possible and not sufficient to allow the government to fulfill all the reforms and tasks that it faces”, said Bah.

He concluded by thanking President Barrow for the vehicles given to MPs, which he disclosed is making their work easier.

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