Halifa`s trip to Europe, a common good for the country says Mayor Colley

Kanifing Municipal Council Mayor and Halifa Sallah

Lord Mayor Yankuba Colley of the Kanifing Municipal Council said Halifa Sallah`s recent tour of five European countries was for the common good of The Gambia.

Sallah visited Mayor Colley on Tuesday to exchange ideas and collaborate with his office for a lasting solution to the problem of waste management that is confronting the municipality.

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Colley who is the Mayor of Gambia`s second most populated municipality said his discursion with Sallah centred on his recent trip to Europe, which was for the “common good of the country.”

He said:

“I am happy that he came with a lot of suggestions and plans to address the waste issue, which is of great interest for the country. And, we are ready to collaborate with him. The discussion was fruitful and truthful.”

Colley said they have also discussed sand encroachment of roads and drainage blockage by rubbish. Sallah`s show of concern for the development of the KMC is nothing new to Colley, as he has been engaging the Council.”

He added:

“In fact, well before he becomes a National Assembly Member, he sometimes engages me on so many issues that benefit the people of the municipality. Now, he being a NAM is an added advantage and the council will collaborate with him on issues that will be beneficial to the residence of the municipality.

“He came himself to share his experience with the authorities to find solution to the challenges face by his country. I know is not a long term thing, but we will look at the short term, before the end of my term.”

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In August, Sallah was invited by Gambian’s in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Austria and Germany to discuss the situation of the country. During his tour, he has visited modern waste management and recycling plants with a view of establishing collaborations and generate ideas to resolve the garbage crisis in The Gambia.

Sallah said:

“I have visited places in Norway, which are responsible for collecting their waste, that have different level of technology and resources.

“My experience there must be digested and transform into a knowledge base, which I could share with the municipality. That is why I am here.

“Fundamentally, waste is not garbage, but a resource. And, how you prevent garbage from waste, and transform it to a resource is precisely the starting point and all of us acknowledged that waste can be transform to resources.”

According to Sallah, they are not looking at a fast track solution, but a comprehensive overview of the problem. He said: “We have looked at what is possible in the interim and they have seen that a system is necessary and once a system is established, we will know how to sort out waste.”

He added: “We discussed and agreed we will do a study on this and consult experts, and get to a conclusion, so that a system can be developed.”

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