Gambia to benefit from a US threshold democratic project

United States democratic project in Gambia

The Gambia has been selected to benefit from a United States democratic threshold programme says James Gerard Managing Director of the Millennium Challenge Cooperation (MCC), a US government agency.

A delegation of four officials of the MCC project is currently in The Gambia to launch the new program with the Government of The Gambia.

The MCC focuses on providing assistance to countries to help drive faster economic growth and poverty reduction.  The cooperation works with countries that have relatively good democratic and economic governance.

Speaking in a news conference at a local hotel in Kololi on Wednesday evening, the MCC’s Threshold Programs Director James Gerard said their Board of Directors selected The Gambia as eligible for a threshold program.

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He noted that the Threshold Program is a technical assistance initiative that consists of grants from the United States Government to help with policy and institutional reforms in driving beneficiary country’s economic growth.

He said:

“This is quite a significant event as it recognizes a watershed moment for democracy in the Gambia.

“The new collaboration is an opportunity for The Gambia and the United States to strengthen their relationship and shared goals in reducing poverty and driving economic growth quickly.”

During their visit, the delegation will meet officials of the government, civil society and the private sector to begin a process of identifying the priorities for Millennium Challenge Cooperation’s assistance.

Mr. Gerard added that the process of identifying priorities and designing projects will take about a year or so before the MCC will take a project to its board for approval.

The MCC’s Threshold Program has been redesigned to assist countries to become compact eligible by challenging them to implement key policy and institutional will reduce constraints to faster economic growth and will provide MCC critical reforms.

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