Cars for MPs from ‘anonymous’ philanthropists says Press Secretary

The Gambia`s President Adama Barrow`s Press Secretary Amie Bojang-Sissoho said cars donated to MPs among others, are acquired from philanthropists who do not want to be named.

Since the handing over of the 57 new 4wheel pickup trucks to the Speaker of the National Assembly Mariam Jack Denton in August for onwards distribution to MPs, the Barrow government has been under immense criticism for not disclosing the source of the vehicles.

Mrs Bojang-Sisoho told journalists the 57 trucks were acquired from some philanthropists who do not want to be named. And, added that the donors are people who supported the president during his campaign.

She said:

“If you can remember two vehicles given to GRTS were part of the same sets of vehicles.

“What happened was, these vehicles came in by sets, and when the president got the first support he said he did not want to give it to some and leave some”(referring to MPs).

“So when everything was completed, that’s the time the handing over was done,” said Amie.

She said the philanthropists names are not made public because they demanded for anonymity.

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  1. Pa amadou

    October 13, 2017 at 4:12 am

    I think it is still very necessary to mention who these people are not bc people want to know anything about their riches or not but for transparency and accountability governments should operate on the will of the people and this is a demand from concern citizenry then if this is brushed under the carpet just for annonimity do you not think that a similar episode can be treaty like this in future

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