A call for Barrow to show his government`s direction

President Barrow

It`s nine months in office, Gambia`s Coalition government has not produce a development blueprint that is in line with the 2017 budgetary allocation approved by the National Assembly.

On July 6 this year, the National Assembly approved a budget of D12.1billion allocated to all government sectors to spend on prioritise development needs and goals.

According to the Foroyaa Newspaper, the nation, development partners and investors are still waiting for a development blueprint.

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The paper says the blueprint should explain the direction of the government. However, in May President Barrow told the BBC there will be a blueprint ‘soon’, but still without one.

Foroyaa says the need for ‘a development blueprint is overdue.’ And, added that the government should not go into another budget session, without launching its development blueprint that should guide the minister of finance in his December budget speech.

Everything should now be clear to government regarding the socio-economic realities of the country. The challenges are already evident. Hence a development blueprint is not only urgent; it is also indispensable if the government is to have focus and direction says Foroyaa.

Gambian Parliamentarians

National Assembly Chambers

How is the budget allocated?

    The office of the president D731, 653,501.00

    The National Assembly D94, 397,999.00.00

    The Judiciary D62, 275,000.00

    The Independent Electoral Commission D45, 302, 237.00

    The Public Service Commission D6, 457,101.00

    The National Audit Office D97, 646,818.00

    The Ministry of Defense D516, 788,107.00

    The Ministry of Interior D557, 659,347.00

    The Ministry of Tourism and Culture D22, 560,000.00.00

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs D678, 980,007.00

    The Ministry of Justice D59, 558,364.00

    The Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs D644, 966, 264.00

    Pensions and Gratuties D130, 000,000.00

    The Office of the Ombudsman D17, 106,399.00

    The Centralized Services D258, 000,000.00

    The Ministry of Local and Regional Government D59, 240,611.00

    The Ministry of Agriculture D275, 867,580.00

    The Ministry of Transport, Works and Infrastructure D386, 448,496.00

    Ministry of Trade Industries, Regional Integration and Employment D89, 853, 040.00

    Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education D1, 659,126,109.00

    The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare D794, 866,909.00

    The of Youths and Sports D58, 521,738.00

    Ministry of Environment Climate Change Water Resources and Wildlife D189, 974,807.00

    The Ministry of Information, Communication and Infrastructure D16, 625,711.00

    The Ministry of Fisheries D14, 700,000.00

    The Ministry of High Education Research Science and Technology D237, 504,649.00

    The Ministry of Energy D19, 978,394.00

    The Ministry of Petroleum D10, 550, 842.00

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