Blogger D.r Tekanyi thanks Barrow for “demonstrating the limit of elasticity”

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It is with utmost humility, I write to reaffirm my conclusion of that very thing I saw in you, when we met in New York in September, and that impression took me further to writing on my social media page for record reading “IMPRESSION – The Barrow I privately met in the presence of Mai Fatty and Baa Tambedou, is kind, meek, AWARE and jovial and was ordinarily seated like my late Grandpa under his veranda in Jarra. He only needs to be extra careful of his surroundings! However, I gladly gave him a promise and wholeheartedly wished him well!”

And, I can fully remember the post baffling many of my friends making them ask why I thought you are aware of the current trends particularly with regards to governance and to them, I said that you knew exactly the menu of what is been cooked contrary to what many illusively think of you. This little knowledge of you from our meeting, made me redirect my mode of criticism of our government by choosing to focus on the very surroundings I thought you ought to be careful of.

Sir, democracy as we all may know from its founding in Greece has been distinctively made to be a government of, for and by the people thus making the non-existence of anything like “simply” or “complex” democracy meaning one is either a democrat by promoting the true ideals of democracy or an autocrat in dreaming about democracy while dwelling with the use of repression on the people they govern and the latter by far is worse than a dictator.

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Sadly and despite your noble desire of nurturing the true ideals of democracy where everyone will have a voice, there was in existence enormous dictatorial features in one of your cabinet members and this was none other than your former interior minister whom has times in number demonstrated the true traits of autocracy while smartly masking himself to the public as a celebrated democrat by abusing his eloquence particularly on social media thus accumulating commendations from sycophants whom less than a year ago were protesting against the very things he has been propagating on ordinary citizens he is in difference of ideology with under the so called pretext of “national security”.

Sir, your former homeland security minister had from the very beginning and well before assuming office portrayed the true grandeur tendencies of an ideal dictator clothed with a democratic suit and to name a few; we have seen him convey press conferences for the coalition team at a time when there existed a spokesperson, we have seen him statue himself as “special” presidential aide and conveyor of what the president says when there was a press secretary, we have seen him allegedly “dismissed” a coalition partner under no authority, we have seen him instigate violence in the village of Sibanor by issuing irresponsible statements not meant of a public servant, we have seen him autocratically halt the issuing of passports and ID cards to deserving nationals and frivolously moved the interior ministry out of where it was and at a higher cost to a government that inherited “empty coffers”, we have seen him show less empathy to the death of a fellow citizen by instead accusing citizens as foreigners with wrongful possession, we have seen him threaten citizens by using strange and non-democratic words of “you either obey the law or be consumed by the law”, we have seen him exercise without limits pomposity of the highest order on social media in reacting and promoting many divisive rhetoric like “a citizen calling fellow citizens rebels because of difference in thoughts” as a public official, we have seen and heard him openly deny the very contracts he had corruptly negotiated to win kickbacks all these in just a period of ten months.

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Sir, what more can we wait to seen in order to finally confer on him the “diplomatic dictator” title I declared for him many moons ago? For I was long with honesty waiting for you to finally exercise the limit of your elasticity on him despite my liking of his smartness in talking as it has been too far a journey, the longer of which could be detrimental to our national progress and we can’t afford to simultaneously have two presidents in one nation.

Moreover sir, he and a few others are the very surroundings I did said you should be careful of while in pursuit of your dream of building a rich legacy that will be remembered by generations unborn for performance by public officials entrusted with public office goes beyond the mere eloquence of the tongue thus the increasing number of crime rates, armed robbery, rape etc under the interior ministry of “Mr. Eloquent” is enough prove of the need for more actions than talking.

Finally, it is no secret that our country is at crossroads and the best is for you to surround yourself with technocrats whom will jealously safeguarding the fulfilment of your government’s desired goals through this challenging transition than sitting with political party leaders whom out of the urge of conflict of interests for the progress of their respective parties, will hardly focus concentration on the national good.

And please do not relent on demonstrating the limit of your elasticity by sending all of them away and far and do not as well see all critics as haters for many are, out of honesty the ones that often shoulder the courage of reminding you of your missteps so as to prevent you from falling into the pit your predecessors had fell in.

I thank you once more while wishing you the best in your endeavors of moving our beloved country forward for the good of all irrespective of political association.

Truly yours,

Dr Muhammed Teks Tekanyi


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