Activists insists Jammeh must face justice

Activists in The Gambia have renewed calls for the country`s former President Jammeh to be indicted for alleged crimes against humanity he has committed during his 22 years of rule.

The Gambia Center for Human Rights Violations and Democratic Union of the Gambia Activists had a meeting at the new victim Center in Kololi with the aim of sharing ideas to pave a way for providing justice to victims of human rights violations.

Speaking in an interview Pa Samba Jow, the Vice Chair of the Democratic Union of the Gambian Activists, DUGA, said the aim of the meeting was to hear the stories of the victims and work together towards advocating for redress to their rights that have been violated under the Jammeh regime.

“The advocacy would start so that there would be justice for these victims, the form of justice they would take will have to be looked into and people who have committed crimes like ex-president Jammeh should be prosecuted”, said Jow.

He added that: “Jammeh has to pay for his crimes; you cannot kill people, violate the rights of people and work freely. Jammeh must pay for his crimes and that is nonnegotiable.”

He said that it will be a grave mistake for anybody in or out of the government to let Jammeh go, adding that if such happened DUGA will take a stiffest resistant to ensure that Jammeh faces the court of law, pointing out that there are there are substantive evidence to prosecute Jammeh.

“The country has to endeavor to indict Yahya Jammeh either ways-domestically or in absentia”, said Jow.

DUGA supermom has called on the government to prioritize the victims in its agendas noting that it was through the mass victimizations and gross violations of peoples’ rights by the former president Jammeh that had compelled the entire Gambian citizenry to come together and unseat him in the December 2016 presidential polls.

A Gambian-Swedish MP, Momodou Malcom Jallow has assured his support to victims under Jammeh`s rule. According to Jallow, upon his return to Sweden, he will strive to facilitate any form of support to the Victim`s Center.

The Swedish Parliamentarian said that it is pivotal to investigate and prosecute people who committed crimes against humanity, urging the government to conduct through investigation into all crimes that occurred under Jammeh’s rule and bring culprits to justice.

Jallow who is also a Human Rights Activist pledged to disseminate the stories told at the Victim`s Center around the world, to help him facilitate extra support and bring the perpetrators to justice.

He added: “You cannot commit crimes against humanity; you continue to be in the street and having high positions in office that is not fair that is not justice that is not due process.”

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